The Michigan Lavender Festival 2012

This year for The Michigan Lavender Festival I rented a big ole tent {20ft. x 40ft.} I invited a few of my fave crafty pals to join me in filling the space with cool handmade stuff. It was amazing, and fun, because I also shared it with my 13 year old daughter! It was her first show selling her photographs.

lavender festival-61

lavender festival-65

lavender festival-64

I brought my crocheted accessories, the embroidery hoops,

lavender filled Russian Nesting Dolls, print copies
of The Handmade Companion, and some 
Make a Pretty project kits.

lavender festival-57

lavender festival-58

lavender festival-50

But my main reason for being there was to teach!

Teaching my Herbal Esthetician classes today @ The Michigan Lavender Festival #michiganlavenderfestival #myrightnow

I taught 3 classes each day. Two sessions of my

Herbal Esthetician class, and one
Lavender Embroidery class.

lavender festival-46

This 8 year old kid came to the class with his mom on Saturday, and wanted to learn how to embroider. He reserved a space in my morning embroidery class on Sunday.

 That night when I got home, I drew up a pattern of a rocket that I thought he might like, and that would be easy to follow. He showed up, started stitchin like a pro within 30 minutes, and ended up staying with me for 3 hours.

He even bought two patterns. He asked his mom if he could embroider in the car on the way home. I melted inside. LOVE it when kids get into crafting.

My friends all brought the coolest stuff for their booths… Check out {this post} for the complete list and links for the vendors in my tent.

lavender festival-52

lavender festival-44

lavender festival-40

lavender festival-37

lavender festival-33

lavender festival-29

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lavender festival-20

lavender festival-17

lavender festival-14

Lavender Festival

Wanna see the rest of my pics from the weekend?

Make sure you visit The Michigan Lavender Festival’s website for more info on the festival. So you can make it next time. There are awesome workshops (like my Herbal Skin Care class & Lavender Embroidery project) and demos to attend, yummy food to eat, lavender to pick… Trust me, you will want to plan your day at the festival to make sure you don’t miss anything!

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