Currently, New way to Join Granny Squares, and a Printable Deer Card

Oh, hello dear!
I made you something!

it’s a cute little card that you can print out and give to that sweetheart lovey honey cake in your life. Or your sister. Even your bff. OR you can use in in your smash book!
You’re welcome!

I’ve been super busy this week so far.

   I’m currently:

loving // smash booking! I am so freakin addicted. 
wearing // leggings, sweater tunic, scarf, shrug, boots. my basic chilly day uniform.
enjoying // cozying up with my blankies and crochet project at night.
coveting // an iPad. big time.
drinking // earl greyer tea. with some local raw honey, and coconut milk.
devouring // all these smash booking and project life blogs that I’ve discovered.
wishing // that my sister lived closer. it is nice to go visit her, but if the drive was cut in half I would go more often.
working // putting together the Thanksgiving shopping guide issue of Indie Lovely digital mag. {ad spaces are still available} AND getting the baby blankie that I’m making for my friend’s baby shower done. fingers crossed I finish it in time. I have 10 days left to join all those squares.

Speaking of joining… I have been searching high and low for new ways to join granny squares. I found a few…

but this one is the one I’m using… Thanks to Annemkell on youtube for her helpful videos!

   chat soon!

Tammy October 16, 2012 at 1:05 am

Is this how you joined the most recent blanket — the Neopolatin one — on your Instagram?! Because that blanket is lovely! I’m working on blankey with big, single yarn grannys, and I’m not sure how I’m going to join it once all my squares are done …

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