How I Craft Community: Small Craft Saturday October 2013

Small Craft Skillshare Saturday = a fun craft taught by someone in our community + pop up shop + treats, tea & coffee hosted here in Detroit by Small Craft. I get to chat with other crafty peeps about anything that is going on in the craft world, life, our pets, our kids {some of whom are making the kids craft nearby} we network, get/give feedback, and help each other plan new projects. I look forward to it every month. This is what feeds my soul. This month Austin Shyu of Ausgerco showed us how to make rolled paper skeletons. You really need to check out him out.
I love my community. If you don’t have a group that you can chat with and get advice from when you are unsure, give it when you can help out, network and learn with… then I highly suggest finding one. Or create one!
So glad I got to go hang with the crafty homies today. Great conversation... about branding and packaging of ecourses and workshops, planned a few collabos with one of my fave illustrators, got some good ideas for the mag's holiday issue, chatted about ni
we were cracking up at the tips on the template pattern page he gave us

Small craft Saturday! Making rolled paper skeletons with @ausgerco #smallcraft #Detroit #crafternoon



photo credit: small craft

I want to hear all about your crafting community in the comments below. Do you get together in person, or is it online? Are you closer with local people, or those around the globe via the internet? I am so curious because I feel like my local community is so important to me. I’m wondering how you feel…

chat soon,

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