Boost Your Immune System This Winter + What To Use if You DO Get Sick

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You asked what oils I’ve been using for our bout with the latest bug that the kids brought home from school… So I wrote about it in the latest issue of Indie Lovely. I use doTERRA oils due to their amazing quality. Check them out to learn more. They have an amazing intro to essential oils on their website.

Here’s a printable version of the winter essential oils guide. Just right click on the photo + print it:


using essential oils holiday{the magazine article has links to the oils and more info on them}


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{side note on doTERRA: I know they are a MLM, but I just love their oils The quality is top priority. Some companies use toxic ingredients to extract the essential oils from plants. doTERRA has Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils. They test for purity and strength of active constituents. I honestly have no desire to sign anyone up to sell doTERRA, although I know a great trainer if you are interested in ever doing so. Please know that my desire is to share the the amazing effects that doTERRA essential oils have had on my family’s health and well-being, not to diagnose or treat any disease or condition. If you need medical advice about a particular problem always seek the advice of a trained medical professional. I love restorative medicine doctors and osteopaths for their natural view of maintaining health.}

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