My Failed 2013 New Year’s Resolution

I like to make crafty new year’s resolutions for myself. I don’t really HOLD myself to completing ALL of them. For me, it’s more about trying out new crafts that I haven’t yet attempted. I pick one thing at a time from my list that I really wanna try, and focus on that. If I love it, I continue, If not, well, then… off my list it goes.

So, rewind to October 2012: I watched all my friends on instagram knitting socks all throughout 2012… It looked super fun, so I got a book and decided to teach myself. I bought needles and yarn. I got REALLY excited about it. It was fun!

This would be sock A. #twosockstoeup #sockknitting #knitting #ijustwannabeaknitter #indielovely #mycraftaddiction #makeapretty #makeit #lovelyproject

Until: I would get this far and then bam, something would happen. I started over like 12 times. I threw it. I kicked it. I frogged it. UGH! It was rough. and so {of course} I made it my new year’s resolution that I would finish a pair of socks in 2013. I do like a challenge. So, I started AGAIN.

Socks are growing. Watching Woodstock. It's on VH1 classic if you have it. Such a fantastic show. #knitting #indielovely #ijustwannabeaknitter #diy #crafting #makeapretty #mycraftaddiction #twosockstoeup #sockknitting

WOW! That’s the furthest I got so far! Life got kinda crazy for a bit so they went into my workbasket. And they sat there for months. I dug them out one day and I tried them on to show my friend Lex {and to shame myself into finishing them}:

#flashlexfriday #unfinishedprojects yah, so this is that pair of socks I started last year {after having crafter envy over @oocha posting pics of her knitting socks while she read on her kindle} This was my third try after jacking them up the previous two

Needless to say, they went right back into my workbasket.

Then, about a month ago, I remembered that one of my resolutions for 2013 was to finish a pair of socks. I started working on the pair I had going, but quickly realized that my needles + my yarn sucked. I got myself a pair of Addi Turbo Sock Rocket Circular Knitting Needles {hellyah! they do make a difference! no joke} and started over with pretty + super soft sock yarn.

Here’s some pics of the past few days progress. I haven’t been feeling super awesome so I’m resting. Knitting is very healing for me when I’m having a fibro flare up. It makes me feel better. So I’ve been knitting a lot… like maybe 8 + hours yesterday. Luckily Tiny was into whatever project I set her up with. It was a lovely crafternoon.

Tiny toes! #knittingsocks
#knittingsocks so far:
She wanted to try them on. "They're perfect" #knittingsocks #knitting #wip
The socks are growing! #knittingsocks #knitting
#knittingsocks #knitting shaping the heel
Oopsie. I'm stuck in the same spot. It's the wrapping of the stitches while shaping the heel. I don't think I can go back. Advice?  #knitting #knittingsocks

I may need to frog that heel and start over. It is so off. {perfectionist!} I’m definitely over the expectation of finishing these socks in 2013, but… I am TOTALLY addicted. I love it. Expect to see more sock knitting from me in 2014. Do you have a new hobby that you started this year as a new year’s resolution that you totally love? Tell me ALL about it in the comments below.

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