Ways to Practice Gratitude Everyday: #30 lists December 2013 Edition. Week One

I love listing. I make so many lists everyday… they help me stay organized, to plan, to plot my dreams into reality…

When I found #30lists this year I joined right away. I love it. It helps me keep a physical record of my gracious mindset. When they announced a special December edition this year I decided to add it into my December daily album that I had planned. I added my lists as insert cards between days. It’s worked so well. I’m good at getting the pics printed + in the albums but don’t usually do much journaling… so this makes a nice change in this year’s holiday album.

Here’s my first week’s lists:

30 lists dec 2013 blog-1

30 lists dec 2013 blog-2

30 lists dec 2013 blog-3

30 lists dec 2013 blog-4

30 lists dec 2013 blog-5

30 lists dec 2013 blog-6

30 lists dec 2013 blog-7

I’ll post the second week’s pics soon!

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