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What a lovely weekend! Lots of relaxing time for me, I had some pretty intense bodywork done on Friday with instructions to take it easy for a few days… as much as possible with a four year old, anyways.

We did a nice meditation together on Friday:

Tiny meditation. Om

Saturday we had tea + an early dinner at inn season cafe:

At inn season for tea + early dinner.

I had the veggie stew {of course}  Tiny had ice cream + then ate a bunch of my food. That’s how it works when we eat at Inn Season Cafe in Royal Oak: she eats dessert first + is quiet + lovely while I drink my tea. We usually share my dinner. Works for me.

Root veggie stew + kale + brown rice = happy belly. #innseasoncafe #glutenfree #vegan

Saturday morning, I made the weekend’s almond milk. The recipe is HERE.

Making this weekend's almond milk. Tiny wants pudding, so that's what I'm making for today's treat. #theindiekitchen

Tiny wanted pudding, so I made my famous gluten free + vegan cacao custard pie.

Complete with graham cracker crust.

My #vegan custard pies made with cacao + fresh almond milk. #glutenfree #theindiekitchen

I made dinner: my fave root veggies + grass-fed chuck roast. I’ve found I need a little meat here and there. It was weird at first {after 20+ years of not eating it} I started slow with broths and soups. I felt like it quenched a thirst I didn’t know I had, if that makes sense? I just felt energized by it. I am very conscious of the meat I do choose to eat when I feel my body needs it + choose to eat mostly vegan {gluten free, no dairy, minimal meat, mostly veggies} because that’s what works for me right now.

Time to add the veggies to the roast. #theindiekitchen

Saturday night I felt a little sore from my bodywork. I took it easy and had some doTERRA Serenity blend essential oils. It always makes me feel more relaxed:

It's serenity-o'clock here. #doterra   #holisticaromatherapy

I started a new knitting project. My socks were making my hands hurt a bit with those small needles + thin yarn. I needed an easy and cozy project.

Started a cowl. I couldn't focus on my sock pattern. I needed to start an easy to work on project. #knitting

I feel like making stuff for myself right now {although I know a certain tiny girl that hopes that this cowl will fit her too} while wrapped up in a cozy blankie

Wrapped up in a cozy blankie knitting my cowl. I need a lil break from those tiny needles on my socks. #knitting

I’ve added the striping! Do you like the colors? Funny how they matched tiny’s jammies, huh?

Progress on the cowl. I love this yarn + these colors! #knitting #blueskies #organiccotton{this gorgeous organic cotton yarn is from Blue Sky Alpaca}

I caught a tiny chocolate chip cookie dough bandit:

I just caught a tiny gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough bandit! #glutenfree #theindiekitchen

I got a lot done on the cowl, I can’t wait to wear it:

Cowl in progress. #knitting I can't wait to wear it. #knittingformyself

I had a great weekend, obviously! hope you did too!

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

chat soon!

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