Oracle Card Readings


As an empath + intuit, I can sense soul patterns + in this sacred space I can communicate with spirit guides. I work directly with these guides in combination with my favorite oracle card decks {I use a number of them, intuitively choosing the right ones for you. They include the following themes: goddesses, crystals, animal guides, flower therapy, faerie guides} I can assist you in times of stress, unrest, and unease to find your path back to holistic wellness. Bring your questions and issues and I will consult the guides and my card reading to help you find a way through the darkness + let go of old patterns and beliefs and free yourself from your past + recharge your batteries.




Here’s how they work:

You email me your open ended question or issue {one that doesn’t require a yes or no answer}

then choose an option that best fits your needs:


  • $12 – I do a one card reading using one of my oracle decks, and email you the reading.
  • $55 – I do a 3 card reading. It comes in a 5 page PDF e-book format complete with pictures. It delves a little deeper into your question or issue. I also offer crystal + aromatherapy recommendations that I think will help you on a healing path.
  • $90 – you get the above reading and a 15 minute follow up consultation via skype where we can discuss your concerns that came up from your reading.
  • $140 – you get the 3 card reading package with an hour long follow up consultation via skype after your reading to discuss your concerns and any insights that came up for you.


email me at to set up a reading of your choice.